About Me

I’m a Michigan girl born and raised with my eyes set on the western sky (at least the part of the sky that blankets the Wasatch Mountain range).


Winter is without a doubt my favorite season. I think there is no greater sense of freedom than galloping a lengthy Thoroughbred across an open hay field. Sometimes I dream of china patterns and chantilly lace.

I’m a girl who thinks not enough people listen to what their heart really tells them to do. The first thing I think about in the morning is “where’s the coffee??” I couldn’t live without mascara.

Oh, and did I mention I’m a recovering perfectionist? Yeah, I think it’s going to be a lifelong process…

I wear my heart on my sleeve (almost) all the time and I will always be openly heartfelt when we meet for coffee.



4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Yesterday, we went out on Blue Mesa Reservoir to XC ski- it’s huge and it’s frozen about a meter thick. It made the most interesting drum-like sounds as we skied. The snow covered mountains, the intense blue sky, and the perfect snow for skiing. I told my husband, “I love winter; I could never live in a place with no seasons.” Still my favorite season is fall- the weather is absolutely perfect for whatever you would want to do, and it’s just gorgeous!

    • Hi Cheri!
      That sounds absolutely beautiful! I tell myself everyday that where ever I end up, I need to have winter. There is something so special about it! Whereabouts in CO are you? I’ve recently started looking at that area for a career. I’m a huge downhill skier and lover of all things outdoors. Know of any companies (besides ski resorts) out that way that are expanding/hiring?

      Also, as a lifelong dressage rider, I’m excited to follow your blog! I’m always looking for new exercises to improve my coordination and seat.

      • I leave in the southwestern part of the state- lots of ski areas close by: Telluride, Crested Butte, Purgatory, Powderhorn, Monarch. I live on the W. Slope, so it’s pretty rural; I don’t know of any big companies. Good luck in your move. I grew up in N. Ill, but left when I was 20. Colorado has almost perfect weather- except in July & Aug. I personally think those months are wayyyyyyyy toooooooo hot!

        Thanks for following me on WordPress. I’m hoping to make blog post from Mexico, but technology has been sketchy. We’ll see.

  2. Wow, you are a beautiful, sophisticated young woman with so much to offer to the world. You’re a hopeless romantic, and I’m feeling the reason why you might like winter in a poetic perspective. A sensual white covering over the inventions of man, and the corruption of society. It’s not just a simplistic season, but an excuse for physical intimacy. Down to snuggle? I know I am. I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors of 2013. Take care, love.

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