Okay, so this isn’t the post I was hoping to write today. I was hoping to write a meaningful and inspiring post while sipping my morning coffee and watching the sun rise over the gardens at home…

Instead, I slammed down breakfast carried my coffee up and down the stairs more times than I would like to count, all while trying to do laundry and pack for yet another trip.

Except, this one’s for fun! Not business…

I’ve been on the road the last two weeks in and out of hotels for work. I was in Indy for a conference last week, D.C. for a conference the first half of this week, and I’m pretty sure I’m jetting off to another conference somewhere next week and the week after.

My heads spinning! Although I must admit, I really do enjoy traveling. It’s just that the turn around time between trips has been only a day and if any of you know me personally, you know I freak out when I don’t have time to do laundry and press everything just so. (Yes, I like to pack neatly!)

However, this trip is personal. It’s a mother-daughter-sister trip. We’re off to one of the largest horse shows in the country to enjoy a weekend full of sunshine, great shopping, British announcers, stunning horses and some infamous Kentucky Blue Grass!

Don’t worry.

There will be SEVERAL posts next week with photos.

Until then, have a blessed and joyous weekend, friends!