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{This week’s God-sized dream challenge: Write a blog post that shares what brings you joy, especially when it comes to  your God-sized dream}

What brings me the most joy? Creating it!

The best part about being joyful, is the snowball effect that accompanies it. Whereas happiness is temporary and the result of some short-lived moment, joy is a state of being. An ever-growing, effervescent state  that once you attain it, multiplies outward sustaining your soul and all those you come in contact with.

The key to creating your joy is pin-pointing that which brings the feeling of elation the moment you come in contact with it.

For me, my point of joy is beauty. I am my most joyful and peaceful self when I am surrounded by beautiful environments. It could be the view of the river from our cabin, riding my horse around hayfields in the evening, sitting in my not-so-secret local coffee shop, flipping through lifestyle magazines or simply the contentment of being in a loved ones presence.


Being in a beautiful environment does not necessarily mean a physical environment, but an environment  in which you feel you are you’re most peaceful, content, prosperous and joyful self.

Once I establish and place myself in a setting  like those mentioned above, joy simply radiates forth. I’m creating my joy!

Always openly heartfelt,