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Okay friends, I need some Cam_Maxof my own advice today.

Remember how I wrote on Tuesday that in order to gain more adventure in my life I would need to let go of indecisiveness? Well… I’m struggling with that this. very. moment.

Several weeks ago I reached out to someone about a possible employment opportunity for the entire month of July working a horse show. I thought it would be a great “filler job” for my sister and I if we got it, because we grew up working horse shows during the summer. Long story short we were offered the job and I was ecstatic when I found out!

Days at the horse show would be filled with…

  • Sipping morning coffee and watching the sun rise over the arenas
  • Gravel crunching under hooves walking back and forth to the show rings
  • Muffled nickers from stablemates calling out to one another between rides
  • The smell of liniment and sawdust
  • Freshly polished boots and bits
  • Little girls in pigtails sneaking sugar cubes to their ponies 
  • Ribbons hanging from stall doors

I could picture my ideal summer day. And then it showed up. Indecisiveness.
Where will our horses stay? Will we make our annual family trip at the end of the month? Is it really worth it? What if another opportunity appears and I’m committed to this?

Then the counter argument appeared. What if you just said yes without hesitation for once in your life? What if you do find a place for your horses? What if you make a connection with someone who can help you find work in that field? What if it’s the perfect launching pad for that dream business that keeps whispering to you heart?

Do you see my thought pattern here? I ask myself a lot of what ifs… I’m stuck with more questions than answers right now. I’m being in indecisive and it’s driving me batty! (Insert violin music here…)

See, in Tuesday’s post I simply said I needed to let go of indecisiveness… not that I knew how to let go of indecisiveness. I’ll get back to you when I figure it out. In the mean time, your tips and advice on how you overcome indecisiveness would be greatly appreciated!

Always openly heartfelt,