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{This week’s God-sized dream challenge: What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud? Hint: it probably means having less of something too (ex: more joy, less stress).}

Kayak_picEvery week I mull over the God-sized dream prompts and think I know exactly what I’ll share the following week. However, this one had me plain stumped. I could name plenty of material objects I wish I had more of, but we all know that’s not what the prompt was about.

So, I tried really hard to figure out what intangible elements I would like to manifest more frequently in my life. I weighed my options, did a lot of soul searching and prayed in hopes to find my answer. It didn’t come. Well, not in one of those “Aha! I’ve got it!,” moments. No, I received a question to my question.

What have you spent your time participating in and seeking out through friends, books and travel sites? What’s the one theme that all of these seemingly ‘loose ends’ tie together?

Oh. I smirked to myself.

A sense of adventure.

So that’s why I…

  • Love running in the dead of winter through inches of snow and freezing temperatures 
  • Race across fields on horseback against my sister
  • Go snowshoeing when everyone else would rather sit inside
  • Am planning a road trip down south just because I feel like it
  • Looked at applying to jobs in Germany and Austria
  • Didn’t take more than a 10min break the entire 5 hours of night skiing
  • Have been reading every travel guide and website I can on South America
  • Decided to go kayaking in 30 degree temperatures in the middle of December
  • Began training for my first half-marathon in the fall (did I just admit that???)

It all made perfect sense. But remember the prompt also said we would need to let go of something? Well, to gain a greater sense of adventure, I would need to let go of fear and indecisiveness. Strange as this may sound, the fear is the easiest to let go of. Indecisiveness trips me every time. It sets in the minute I start thinking about every consequence that could come of accepting an adventure. Either good or bad.

You see, flipping the kayak wasn’t an option that day in Decemeber. It was 30 degrees out, the river was freezing and we were paddling around an island that had no houses on it. Staying centered and moving forward was the only option.

Dream-God-sized-Dreams-150x150God-sized dream translation: Hiding from life, dreams and adventure is not an option. Living and embracing every opportunity He gave us is the only option.

Happy Tuesday to all my fellow dreamers!