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I have a confession.


Writing about God and faith places me outside of my comfort zone.


I can talk about God and faith with my friends and family on a regular basis, but writing about it? Putting it out there for anyone to read? Well, that’s just plain scary sometimes.

When starting my blog at the beginning of the year, I had planned on keeping it about day-to-day events that were relevant and relatable to other twentysometings. Writing about faith was not on my blogging to-do list. To me, faith is a very private and personal matter. I certainly didn’t want to write about it on my very first blog.

Then I learned about the God-sized Dream Challenge for 2013 through author and blogger Holley Gerth. It was a challenge to write about how God works in our lives to bring the dreams he placed in our hearts to pass. I loved Holley’s book, You’re Already Amazing, and her blog…but this challenge wasn’t for me.

And then came the thought: You wanted to write about topics that were relevant and relatable, right? Can’t everybody relate to pursuing their dreams? Especially recent college grads?

Okay, I thought.

I’ll do it.

But… what if I sound silly? What if no one can relate?

Ever heard of people accepting a sales job just to get over their fear of rejection? Yeah, well, that’s what this challenge was to me. I accepted it, because I wanted to get over my fear of being able to write about how I live by faith day-to-day.

That’s my confession.

Anyone else ever feel timid when writing about certain topics? Would love to hear about them!

Always openly heartfelt,