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{This week’s God-sized dream challenge? To write “A Letter to the God-sized Dreamers” telling your sisters why who they’re becoming and what they’re doing matters–even when it’s hard.}

Dear Sisters,

He needs us you know. Especially you.

That dream in your heart? He put it there.

For a long time I used to think I had come up with my dreams all on my own. Pulled them out of thin air, looked at them and said: “Yes. This is my dream.”

And while dreams occasionally come into being because of moments like that, those aren’t really the ones He put on our hearts. You know the kinds of dreams I’m talking about don’t yoDream-God-sized-Dreams-150x150u? The ones that leave us unsure and with more questions than answers? Trust me, I’m right there with ya, sister!

But those are the dreams that only He can give us. And that is why it’s so important for you to listen, understand and carry them out. That dream He placed on your heart? Only YOU can share it with the world. He didn’t place it on my heart.

And that’s why we, all of us God-sized dreamers, need you. Your dream is unique. There is none like it. Even when the going gets tough, sister, remember that He has given you a dream and a role that only you can live out.

He needs you.

We need you.

Keep dreaming, sisters!