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I was apprehensive to say the least.

When my Mom asked how I felt about getting a new puppy, I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down with excitement. I was a little more curt and abrupt in my answer than most people would have been. But understand, there were many reasons for my reaction (that’s a whole separate story…).

We had just said goodbye to our beloved, rescued setter, Cosby. You can tell yourself all day long that they have lived a good life, they are in a better place, and He was there to greet them across the bridge. It doesn’t matter. There’s still a hole in your heart.

Add insult to injury, our 14 year old silky terrier was rushed to the canine emergency room for a mini seizure and major eye injury late last week.

Adding a puppy to all of that was not reason to jump for joy in my book.

But then he arrived.

On a one-way, nonstop, all the way from Seattle.



Taggart (a.k.a Tagg) bounced out of his crate, tail wagging.

He wasted no time in settling into his new home. He has already settled into all of Cosby’s favorite spots. His tail never stops wagging and his brown eyes hold nothing but love. Nothing shy about this little guy!

Something tells me Cosby sent this little guy to us…

“I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.”

Lots of love,