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{This week’s God-sized dream challenge was to share a God-sized dream story that has inspired us.}

You couldn’t miss him. He was the one with the booming voice and jovial laughter. He wore a yellow helmet, Carrera goggles and only skied on Atomics.

“C’mon you guys, c’mon!!!”

He’d dart off the chairlift, do a 360 on his skis and check to make sure all of thDream-God-sized-Dreams-150x150e students under his charge made it off the lift.

“Life is good!” he would shout  in his native language.

Lenny was from Russia and moved here with his family almost 20 years ago. To learn English, they sat in front of the television with dictionaries every night. They shared a house with maybe five or seven other families and had one room of there own where they kept their belongings and slept. They were allowed one kitchen cabinet to store groceries for their family, often kept under lock and key.

Their modest family town home was a palace to him. He woke up every morning grateful to be living in a free country.

I realize every God-sized dream is different for each individual, but can you even imagine the kind of courage that one took?

Moving to a foreign country, knowing none of the language, in hopes of acquiring something as magnificent as freedom?

It’s staggering.

In the years since meeting and skiing with Lenny, I have never forgotten him. He became a close family friend and still resides in the west pursuing another one of his dreams: teaching individuals of all levels how to ski.

Unbeknownst to him, the greatest lesson he ever taught me (aside from perfecting edge to edge skiing), was to wake up everyday grateful for what He has provided you with.

жизнь хороша!