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A lie is when we talk ourselves into something we know is bad for us. An inverted lie is when we talk ourselves out of something we know is good for us.

A lie quietly whispers for us to follow it down its path of ease and least resistance. An inverted lie will sharply correct itself and shout at us to take the path least travelled.

A lie is error trying to assert itself behind God’s back. An inverted lie is God correcting error in front of us.

Inverted simply means turned inside out. So… a lie turned inside out exposes the Truth.

That’s something I need reminded of today.

Too often we do what is easiest on the surface and what is pleasing to those around us. We ignore that tugging at our heartstrings when we begin to talk ourselves out of something we know we should run towards with open arms.

It doesn’t matter if someone takes issue with us. That’s life. What does matter, is when we lie and take issue with ourselves.  We should strive everyday to be honest, faithful and loyal to ourselves. Keep those promises you made to yourself. Listen when you feel that tug on your heartstrings. That’s His way of reminding you of something.

Always openly heartfelt,