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I’m not typically a “night writer,” I’m much more of a morning person. Thoughts and words flow easier. However, if I don’t sit and write this post… well that can’t happen, because it’s Tuesday! Which means I owe you an update on my God-sized dreams.

Well, I’m still blogging. And last time I checked, that was one of my dreams so… we’re good there! Now, this weeks challenge from Holley was to choose something in my life I wanted to decrease in order to see my God-sized dream increase. My selection? To cut back on my own expectations and beliefs on how I think things should play out.

I’ve been very good  at following all leads that have pointed towards what and how I think my God-sized dream should play out. The reality? I’ve been disappointed when things don’t work out the way I thought they would.


Last week I was offered two jobs completely out of the blue.

The first? I received an email from a previous employer asking if I would be interested in assisting with a few items in my area of expertise. I would be able to pretty much pick my own hours and work from home with occasional travel. Um… do you even hesitate when you get an offer like that?

The second? Well that came at the end of an informal discussion about the first job. I happened to mention that I had recently started blogging and I really enjoyed it. So naturally came the offer of being a freelance writer and editor for another project. Again, I could practically pick my own hours and carry it with me wherever I chose to settle.

Pinch me.

Did that really just happen?

Apparently so…

The minute I stopped worrying about the details of making living arrangements if offered a job in another city… a blessing far bigger and better than I could ever plan landed in my lap.  If letting go is truly the way to receive, then I’m going to decrease my expectations in order to make room for all the blessings of the unexpected.

Always openly heartfelt,