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“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I have heard and read that quote many times throughout my life. And while I agree with what Mrs. Roosevelt was driving at, I prefer to read the quote like this:

Do one thing every day that challenges you!

No one wants to do something every day that scares them! I certainly don’t want to climb up and down ladders or rock climb every day (I’m terrified of heights!). But I would definitely try something that challenges me on a daily basis.

Some days my challenge is simply getting out the door to go for a run,

Finding time to brush three horses,

Or, finishing a chapter in that book on my night stand.

It doesn’t need to be some giant, insurmountable challenge, but one that is, well, just plain challenging. We’re all challenged by time, weather, fitness constraints, etc. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rejoice in overcoming small challenges. After all, our whole lives are made up of small challenges. When we choose to look at completing our challenges as small victories, it sets us up to accomplish more of them. So, the other night I chose to throw in a slightly more complicated weekly challenge to my life.

I called up my very first German teacher, who is retired, and asked if he would be willing to meet me once a week to help me improve my German and learn Spanish (he spent part of his life in Argentina). He kindly accepted.

Now how’s that for a weekly challenge!?!

I’m not entirely sure what I just set myself up for, but learning a new language (and improving an old one!) is something I have wanted to do for a long, long time. So here’s to an upcoming week filled with a brand new challenge! What is your daily or weekly challenge?

Happy Friday!