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Good things are starting to happen. Opportunities are presenting themselves like never before. Proposals and ideas are jumping at me faster than I can act and follow-up on them. I’ve been incredibly excited for the last week, just thinking of the paths I could travel down this year!

Aaaaand…then I hear her.


The one who whispers:

What if you don’t get the job?
What if you DO get the job and you hate it?
What if you don’t like the location?
What if, what if, what if!?!?

You know her too? What name does she use when she visits you? I call her Fear. And she’s a slick one. She has many aliases… I’ve heard them all: Anxiousness, Worry, Doubt, Ms. Busy Body… None of them flattering.

So in response to this week God-sized dream challenge, I flicked her off my shoulder. That’s right, I sent her packing. I got tired of her incessant chatter in my thoughts. She kept me in constant turmoil over whether or not I will end up in the right place, do the right kind of work and meet the right kind of people.With her gone and my mind uncluttered, I began to focus on what the Truth about my employment opportunities really were.

And then I received a message.

Quite literally! I came home to find a giant envelope sent from a dear friend living in St. Louis. The envelope was filled with encouraging articles published by the church we both attend. The theme to every article? Finding right employment. I scanned the articles and found the line that conveyed the Truth about my situation.

“The place you seek, is seeking you. The place you need, needs you.”
– Elizabeth Earl Jones

Rest assured, I know the destination I’m seeking this year is being established. Where ever it may be.

Happy Tuesday to all my fellow dreamers!