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I miss the good ol’ days.

No, not my childhood. I’m a strong believer that life continually gets better with age.

I’m talking about the days when women acted like ladies and men were men. You know, the days when women wore evening dresses and men wore jackets to dinner? The days when a man would…

…stand when a lady entered or exited a room
…help a lady into her seat
…open her car door (getting AND out of the car)

These actions are completely lost on the men of my generation (do they qualify as men?). In today’s world, if you go out with someone, you just meet them at the destination of choice. Or, if you’re fortunate enough to have a guy pick you up, you still end up putting on your own coat and getting your car door.

Now, trust me, I am perfectly capable of getting my car door, pulling out my chair and grabbing the door at the grocery store, but there is just something about chivalry.

I found this quote a while back, but was reading and thinking over it today:

“They say that being a male is a matter of birth…
That being a man is a matter of age…
But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.”

Where have all the gentlemen gone, ladies?

Always openly heartfelt,