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All I had really wanted for Christmas that year was a new pair of winter riding boots, breeches and a leather halter for my horse.  I’m sure there were other items on the list I had presented to “Santa Claus,” but those were the ones I was really counting on. The ones I could really use! I was about 14 at the time and was starting to get practical with my horsey “Christmas Wish List.”

Well, Christmas morning rolled around and sure enough I had received the boots and the halter. I didn’t get the breeches, but that was okay because I’m pretty sure I had a pair from a few Christmas’ back.  With the presents all opened and the glow of Christmas morning settled over the room, my Mom slipped out to grab something.

A few moments later, she reappeared holding a very nice garment bag and gently laid it on the chair next to me. I looked up in time to see her and my Dad pass an excited smile between them.

I froze. My eyes wide with surprise.

No way could it be what I thought it was…

I carefully unzipped the garment bag and there it was.

A Pikeur show coat.

Me in my Pikeur coat about 7 years ago.

“The Coat”

How could they have know? I had never mentioned it to anyone! And yet here it was, exactly how I had imagined it: midnight blue with a velvet collar and silver piping details. It was the BMW of dressage coats. The one every rider, no matter her level, wanted to show in.  There was no way on earth I deserved this coat and yet, the love of my parents had given it to me and far exceeded anything I had asked for that Christmas.

I wanted to share this story with you, because I see it replaying itself in my young adult life. After years of wishing, dreaming (and, yes, scheming) about my ideal career and lifestyle, it has slowly started to manifest itself.  Yes, I’m receiving what I had audibly asked for, but I am also beginning to see things come to fruition that I did not speak out loud. Things that I have kept tucked away, because I felt I was asking too much out life.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to remind you of something:

He knows the secret wishes we place on our hearts. The ones we don’t even dare to entertain in our thoughts. God takes our checklists and makes them so much better.

Always openly heartfelt,