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Okay, okay, here is the post I promised all of you this morning! I had the best of intentions of writing in the coffee shop, but the thunder storm seemed to have knocked out their internet connection (or so they say…).

So, it’s Tuesday and time for an update on how my God-sized dreams are coming along. This weeks challenge posed to us was to share the one thing that has helped us move forward towards our dreams that we could share with others.

What is it that has helped you ask?

Advice I received long ago from someone I have never met. That’s right. I have never met him, but no one’s words have ever echoed as loud in my thoughts over the years.

Who is this man you ask?

His name is Warren Miller. The god-father of ski cinematography. Every year since 1949, Warren Miller has delighted ski bums the world over with his iconic films of waist deep powder and stunning blue bird days. Up until 1988 Miller narrated his own films. Those early ones are the ones I remember curling up and watching with my Dad, before I had ever learned the difference between a ski bum and a SKI BUM.

Why is any of this important and how does it relate to my God-sized dreams?

Dream-God-sized-Dreams-150x150Because at the end of every movie, Miller closed with the same line that has probably inspired more ski-loving, twentysomething’s to drop out of college than any other line in history:

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”

Those words have stuck with me ever since. They became my mantra. My go-to line of encouragement when I was in doubt. The nugget of truth that finally pushed me over the edge.

Where is this going?

Well that’s the whole point of writing this! I’m not entirely sure where I’m going. That’s why the other part of my dream is still unfolding and why I find those words so important today. By staying where I am, will I have failed at accomplishing my dreams?

Nope. But I will be one year older when I do accomplish them. So why wait? This is the year to jump in with both feet.

And believe me, I’m all in.

Always openly heartfelt,