Yesterday my family said good-bye to a very dear and faithful companion. Cosby, our sweet, 15 year old English Setter crossed the rainbow bridge and entered His kingdom surrounded by Love.

He arrived at our home at the wise age of 12 as a rescue. The couple who had him sadly divorced and the wife no longer wanted him/ able to keep him when she remarried.

Cosby brought us three great years of unconditional love. His joints were stiff from a long life, but he still tried to keep up with our two younger dogs as they ran back and forth in our yard. We used to play “The Game” where someone would stand at each end of the yard with leftover scraps from dinner and call the dogs back and forth so they had to sprint the length of the yard. Cosby simply plodded along as best he could knowing he would get a treat no matter how long it took him.


At the end of the day, he was always “Mom’s Boy”. He came and filled a much needed void after (several years earlier) my Mom had given up her horse. He always tried to be as close to her as possible or keep her in sight.

He never demanded attention. He just quietly curled up on his bed in the corner of whatever room we were in. When he first arrived, he had a basket full of chew toys and every morning he would pull every. single. toy. out. to play.

I once read somewhere that dogs are only on this earth for such short periods of time, because they have already learned the lesson that we take a lifetime to learn: Unconditional Love.

So while there is a bit of an empty void in our home this morning, I am at complete peace knowing he is patiently waiting for us to come Home and play “The Game.”

Incredibly heartfelt,

P.S. – For those following my posts on my God-sized dream adventure, check back later today. There will be a new post.