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What do Dressage and searching for a new career have in common?

Well, as I have come to recognize in the past several days, understanding German helps and so does the ability to master lateral movement (more on both of those in minute…).

After a lengthy discussion with someone in my corner (check out: Who’s In Your Corner?), I realized I still hold a narrow vision of what I want to do as a career. I [think I] know where my talents are and what I enjoy doing, but truth be told I have been looking at very specific areas of interest.

So I went back to my mental drawing board. I thought about the careers I had been so focused on and then tried to think of the careers that surround those careers. And wouldn’t you know, I came up with brands and companies that I had never thought of.

After my initial exploration of a few companies that interested me, I realized something… they were all based in Germany. Then it dawned on me: I have six years of German behind me! Granted, I haven’t taken German since my junior year in college when the next course I needed required me to read 300 page plus 18th Century novels in Old German, but I still have conversational skills. That was enough encouragement for me to check out the job boards on a few of the company sites and realize that I could still read enough of the job descriptions to understand what I was looking at.

Now, does any of this mean I am going to set out and write a brand new cover letter and resume in German? Absolutely, not. However, it gave me the idea to look at opportunities with companies who are looking for someone with some command of a secondary language and the willingness to travel abroad. Which brings me to the second portion of relating dressage to career hunting.

Lateral movements.

In dressage, a lateral movement is defined as follows: “To the side, as in flexion, bend, suppleness, or direction of movement.”Or, in layman’s terms, the ability to track sideways while still maintaining forward movement.

Which is exactly what I was attempting to do: keeping my eyes set on where I was going, while moving towards the how.

Now if I could just master self-carriage…

Haben Sie ein großes Wochenende!