So much to do, so little time.

That was my first thought as I woke up this morning. I sighed and sat up slowly. How on earth am I supposed to:

  • Brush and work three horses that are 30 minutes outside of town,
  • Run home, change, run an errand on the opposite side of town,
  • Meet a friend for lunch,
  • Make it home to meet the vet by 2PM for our sweet, old dog,
  • Accomplish what I need to for work from home, and…
  • Maybe try to fit in a run?

Add the fact that it is currently only 8 degrees outside right now and you realize that leaving the house will be an accomplishment in and of itself today!

Before I give a second glance to my ‘to-do-list’, I make my morning coffee and read my daily devotional. I quickly realize the recurring theme in the work I was reading:  Peace.The ‘mantra’ from Daily Word (a daily devotional I’ve read for years!) is: “God’s peace is within me.”

I don’t need to wait for my schedule to become less hectic so I finally feel at peace today. No, I simply need to turn inward and center my thoughts on the fact that all will be accomplished and unfold according to plan.

So, with coffee in hand, a new perspective on the day and a little tweaking in the order of my to-do-list, I’m at peace and ready to start my day.

Hope it’s a little warmer where ever you are reading this!

Always openly heartfelt,