Where do you go to find rest and recharge?

For me, it’s a quiet riverside cabin in northern Michigan. I don’t know what it is about that place, but all things just feel right when I’m there. There’s no television, no internet and no phones (okay, cell phones, but those don’t really count…).   It’s a small cabin. Really small. Mornings are quiet and lazy. Breakfast, coffee and a good book are the only things on the agenda. In the winter no one does much, but sit and read. However, if you’re me, you usually throw on running shoes and venture out for first tracks on the quiet road and cool off by making snow angels in the front yard (‘Queen of Winter’ here people).

Everyone in town grins from ear to ear as snowflakes fall. They know what snow means to them. Aside from boosting the local economy (thanks to adventuresome tourists), the locals revel in winters handiwork. Snow means timePine trees and snow to slow down. It means venturing outside to grab a few more logs for the fire. It means curling up for a long afternoon nap on a well worn sofa. But above all else, it means time to rest and recharge. That’s how I spent my weekend. How about you? Where did you find your R & R this weekend?

Happy Monday everyone!