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Silence and sunlight. 

That’s the first thing I noticed walking into the barn this morning. Standing in the quiet morning, in the middle of the arena, I listened for that comforting sound of horses munching happily on their hay and was greeted by curious faces in the windows.

Most days, our lives are filled with rigid schedules, long workdays or just all out chaos. It isn’t until the sun goes down that we take a quiet moment for ourselves (and some of us don’t even get that!). But standing alone in the cold morning, nursing my coffee I recalled similar mornings of being in the barn by 4:30AM prepping for horse shows and Pony Club rallies.

There’s something solemn about those mornings. The sound of hay being munched, the smell of sawdust, the feel of cotton wraps in your hands and the all knowing look from those loving brown eyes. It causes you to pause long enough to remember that, yes, even though there are often tears, falls and disappointments in any riding career, those quiet mornings in the barn make you remember why you fell in love with the sport to begin with. The bond formed between a girl and her horse.

And to think it all started with a penny pony at the grocery store… Thanks Mom and Dad.

Always openly heartfelt,