I’m curled up in my window seat holding a mug of coffee and reading my morning emails and news. I slip over to my favorite blog (holleygerth.com) to read for daily inspiration. I’ve read Holley’s book, You’re Already Amazing, cover to cover…twice! I reference it frequently when I need a gentle reminder that all will be okay when outward circumstances would have me believe otherwise.

This year, Holley has challenged her readers and followers to say yes to a God-Sized Dream. It can be big or small, but the common theme to all of them is that they are dreams placed in our hearts by our Father. Every week we’re encouraged to share what steps we’re doing to reach our dream. So today I thought I would share my God-Sized Dream for 2013. Well okay… I actually have two:


1. Start a blog. Yup. That’s one of my dreams this year. I’ve wanted to start a blog for the longest time. Part of the reason is because I simply wanted to write. But the bigger reason is I want to have a conversation with you. The kind of conversation I would have with my best friend and roommate in college. The kind of conversation where we sit up late at night, perched on our beds asking ourselves if we’re doing enough in this life. If we’re good enough.

2. Say yes to a new destination. If you know me, it’s no secret that I don’t want to live in Southeastern Michigan. Better yet, I don’t feel as if I’m called to live here. The desire and knowing that I’m called to live elsewhere is firmly rooted in my heart. I’ve been led to look at all kinds of places. From Denver to Boston, Reno to Traverse City, Portsmouth to Park City and Petoskey to Vancouver. I’m not sure when, where or how I will get to the destination. I’m not 100% sure if I will actually leave this year or just lay the ground work, but I’m taking the first few steps.

Join me! Let’s explore those dreams we’ve putting off. 2013 is our year!

Always openly heartfelt,