Lately I’ve been a bit torn. Not in the sense that I have to make a decision and I can’t (that’s just part of my day-to-day routine…), but more in the sense of my taste and style.

I love the ruggedness and freedom found in the lifestyle of those in the Rocky Mountain West, but I also love the refinement and decorum of East Coast socialites. Can a girl reconcile the two?

Can a girl…

…dream of an Adirondack house and Lismore Waterford?
…wear RL and pearls where the dress code is denim and flannel?
…hike the backcountry for powder in the AM and wear a little black dress in the PM?

Granted, these aren’t choices I REALLY face in my life at the moment, but it does paint the picture of my tastes and why I feel torn.

Maybe this is one of those times that people ask if they can really have their cake and eat it too? The verdict is still out…

Always openly heartfelt,