Ever tried to assert your will over a 1,200 lbs animal? Yeah, usually that doesn’t go over too well. I received a healthy reminder of this yesterday while riding my horse for the first time in a month.

Usually I jump in the saddle and try to move through our warm-up a little too quickly so she moves nicely forward. Typically, this results in her tossing her head in protest and dancing a little jig rather than moving in a balanced cadence. Not the ideal reflection of harmony that the sport of Dressage is supposed to represent.

However, the moment I relax both my body and mind in response to her fussiness, she instantly relaxes and moves freely forward.


Ever felt like you were trying too hard to make something turn out a certain way? Or have you ever held on to something for longer than you should have?

Me too.

We each know the answer to one of those questions deep in our hearts. But the good news is that someone up above sees our struggle. And He knows that if we just let go and relax, all things will work together harmoniously for good. We just need to slow down and let go.  I know it can be scary (especially when it feels like we will lose complete control if we drop the reins!), but in the end, there is never a more liberating moment.

Always openly heartfelt,